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Canadian Rally Championship: What the pros are saying about Antoine L’Estage
@ Toronto Star

Une saison parfaite pour L'Estage

Canadian rally racer Antoine L’Estage is on his way to making history
@ Toronto Star

Opération charme pour Antoine L’Estage
@ La Presse +

L'Estage Extends CRC Win Streak To 5 At Rocky
@ CDN Rally

L'Estage Wins the Rocky Mountain Rally
@ iRally

ONBOARD CRC: L'Estage and Ockwell blast through Coldwater Ranch
@ YouTube

Antoine L'Estage Canadian Rally Champion
@ iRally

Antoine L'Estage Wins Pacific Forest Rally, Clinches 7th Canadian Championship
@ CDN Rally

L'Estage locks up Canadian Rally Championship with BC win
@ Inside Track

Antoine L’Estage Canadian Rally Champion and New Title Record Holder
@ Rally America

Antoine L'Estage Dominates Défi As New Cars Surprise
@ CDN Rally