Diversified skills and outstanding mastery in the automotive world.


Experienced driver, Antoine L’Estage, with a wealth of expertise, has known successful collaborations with important manufacturers and sponsors within the rallying field.

Being a rally driver demands great adaptability and remarkable perseverance. Rally drivers are universally recognized as among the most well-rounded in the field of motorsports.


Antoine L’Estage has been acting as gravel crew for Gus Greensmith since 2018, navigating the WRC roads with great expertise.

The role of a gravel crew holds crucial importance for the success and safety of the participating driver. The gravel crew covers the entire route and all the special stages about 1h30 before the driver’s start, ensuring to convey, with as much detail as possible, the state of the road conditions.


Antoine L’Estage is a part of the highly select group of instructors for Porsche Canada, therefore adding another string to his bow.

Antoine takes real pleasure in this role within an exceptional team, providing him with the opportunity to share his passion for driving with Porsche enthusiasts.


Antoine L’Estage offers coaching/mentoring services to rally drivers who are looking to enhance their skills.

These training sessions cover various crucial aspects for the development of the participants. A particular focus will be made on pace notes analysis, an aspect Antoine places a special importance on in rallying.

Additionally, the sessions will include analysis of onboard videos, work on optimal car settings, tire choices, as well as physical preparation, not to mention time spent in the car alongside the driver.


Antoine L’Estage, with a profound knowledge of the automotive world, is regularly solicited as an analyst by RDS and during the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières. His experience provides a unique perspective for enthusiasts.

Open to new mandates, his expertise continues to bring exceptional value to the captivating world of motorsports.